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General Mills: Totino’s #BetterWhenBaked

Since the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, Denver has become the #1 destination leading up to 4/20 (National Marijuana Day) among Totino’s target couching audience.

Totino’s found a clever way to drive sales and build brand love using out-of-home advertisements by going all-in on their positioning as the perfect snack option for serious couch-surfers.


We made sure that everyone celebrating 4/20 across Denver, Colorado would “remember before they forget” and “Stock up B4/20” on Totino’s Pizza Rolls. We identified zip codes and neighborhoods where Totino’s audience lives, works, and plays, and placed media in proximity to retailers while being sensitive to the presence of other audiences that may not share the same set of values. In addition to blanketing our couch-surfers with creative reading: “Better when baked,” and “Legal in every state. Better in Colorado,” we went one step further to ingrain Totino’s in their instant lifestyle: Pizza roll delivery trucks and branded pedi cabs offered fast, free delivery to couch-bound locals and free rides for would-be-drivers that may have celebrated the holiday a bit too hard.


Everyone stocked up before 4/20. Kinetic used our proprietary social measurement product, Social Amplification Score (SAS), to understand the campaign’s social impact and earned media value. The campaign generated social engagement not only in Denver but across the country. The campaign even generated a non-paid celebrity endorsement from comedian Ron White, who was visiting Denver to observe the 4/20 holiday. Press coverage included Denver’s leading news outlet ABC-7 and highly relevant industry placements including High Times, The Cannabist, and MJ Biz Daily.

$ million1.9
Cumulative earned media value, a 171% increase from 2016
232.7 million
Impressions garnered on Facebook