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Kinetic Journeys: audiences return to conurbations as restrictions ease further
June 3, 2020
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Journeys is Kinetic’s behavioural planning platform. Journeys fuses multiple behavioural and attitudinal data sources, including Adsquare’s mobile SDK data and retail footfall, with Route data to develop a detailed picture of audience activity.

We have been using Journeys to understand how audience movements outside of the home have changed since the government’s COVID-19 restrictions were introduced. We will continue tracking patterns over the coming weeks as the situation unfolds.

What is unique to Journeys is that it is underpinned by Route data. This means we can take the changing behaviour of mobile handsets and determine the impact on OOH audience delivery at an environment and frame level.

This report compares audience figures during week nine since lockdown began vs a pre-virus period (w/c 24th Feb) – identifying patterns on impact delivery across the UK.

Key take outs:

  • OOH impacts are at their highest level since lockdown began and continue to grow quickly. Impacts are up 39% in the last 4 weeks. People are coming out of their homes more and there is an opportunity for brands to capitalise on the growing audience in the coming weeks. There is the added protection of 14-day cancellation terms and rates that reflect audience delivery.
  • Roadside and supermarket are the go-to environments. Roadside impacts are growing at the fastest rate, and in w/c 18th May were at 35% of pre-lockdown levels. With continued easing of restrictions, roadside impacts are set to increase. We would expect impacts to be at 50% by the end of June.
  • For the first time, conurbation impacts are recovering faster than non-conurbations. People are willing to travel further afield. If you remove London Underground from the mix, London performance is more in line with the rest of the country.
  • Retail is set to bounce back quickly when restrictions are lifted on 15th June. Brands should use OOH to prime this returning audience. In Germany, where retail restrictions have been eased for five weeks, footfall levels are -26% compared to pre-lockdown.

Roadside impacts are growing the fastest in the recovery period

Source: Adsquare | Kinetic Journeys

For the first time, conurbations (excl. London) are recovering faster than non-conurbations

Source: Adsquare | Kinetic Journeys

London’s performance (excl. underground) is more in line with other regions

Source: Adsquare | Kinetic Journeys

Coming up in next week’s report…

Week-on-week footfall has increased for a third consecutive week. Following the announcement of non-essential stores opening, we expect to continue to see a return of the OOH’s audience for week 10.

We can use the Journeys platform to track mobility and deliver DOOH solutions that are flexed by audience, environment, regionality and day of week/day part.

We will continue to monitor other European countries further ahead in the COVID-19 cycle to understand how they are resuming activities (commuting, shopping and socialising) post lockdown.

For more information on Journeys, Alfresco Life or the audience insight gathered to date, please speak with Nicole Lonsdale (Chief Planning Officer),  Adam Powell (Head of Data) or Jennie Roper (Head of Insight).