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Introducing the OOH Playbook – the ultimate guide to effective OOH planning
June 17, 2021
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Yesterday we hosted an online event to share the results from a study of £2.2bn media spend aimed at raising the bar for OOH planning. We were joined by effectiveness experts from Wavemaker and Mediacom who outlined the implications for OOH advertisers.

You can watch the full session below, or read on for the highlights:


OOH is a channel like no other. Its physical and public nature brings unique and powerful benefits to advertisers. But it also means the context in which consumers see OOH advertising matters. Not all impacts are the same. Effective OOH planning needs to consider both the audience (who sees the ad) and the context (where and when they see the ad).

The OOH Playbook provides robust insight into context – specifically the different roles OOH can play and how different blends of environments or formats can be more effective across five brand outcomes:

  • Advertising Awareness
  • Positive Brand Impression
  • Quality
  • Recommendation
  • Value for Money

The study

In partnership with Mediacom, Wavemaker, Clear Channel, JCDecaux and Global we analysed £2.2bn of media spend over a three-year period from 46 brands and evaluated this against YouGov Brand Index data. Our analysis was further underpinned by week-by-week Route audience impact data and used machine learning to quantify brand uplift outcomes at a granular level. A meta-analysis identified key trends and behavioural science underpins the strategic framework.

The results

Firstly, the findings from the OOH Playbook prove that OOH media is particularly strong at driving all five brand outcomes. OOH works. But our analysis shows there are nuances in how it works best, and what for.

Here’s the top-line findings for each brand outcome:

Advertising Awareness

Ad awareness is all about getting noticed and driving long-term memorability. Cut-through and impact are important. Size matters. Large formats and premium production techniques are key for this outcome. Small format does have a role to play through reach. But small format requires more investment to drive the same levels of ad awareness, although contextual messaging can help.

Positive Brand Impression

The more you see something, the more you like it. If you want people to feel more positive about your brand, they need to be exposed to it multiple times. This is understood through the Mere Exposure Effect. Positive brand impression can be achieved using small format and high frequency environments like Roadside, Bus and Transport.​


Quality is influenced by the company you keep, and you can’t cheap quality. Media plans that want to drive quality metrics need to include premium sites, premium environments or premium production techniques.


Recommendation is achieved using high dwell-time formats. The more time people spend with OOH messaging, the more they can drive recommendation. Transport and malls work hardest. Another way to increase dwell time is to increase share of time on digital OOH.

Value for Money

​It is worth noting that value for money is a measure indicating that something is worth paying for, not that it’s cheap. And like recommendation, dwell time is key to driving value for money and transport formats again play a major role. But large format plays a bigger role here.


We believe the OOH Playbook will raise the bar of OOH media planning. It provides brands and planners with evidence that demonstrates OOH’s effectiveness and also highlights the most effective OOH combinations for different outcomes.

As audiences return post-lockdown (Roadside, Mall and POS reach are already back to pre-Covid levels and Transport is set to hit 75% by the end of this month), it’s also important to consider the impact of Covid on returning audiences in certain environments. This is something we are able to advise on through our Journeys platform which tracks real-time mobility and behaviour.

And finally, as with all advertising, the quality of the creative message will have a significant impact on the success of any campaign irrespective of how good the planning was. So, investing in creativity and understanding the context in which it is seen is also vital to successfully drive brand outcomes.

The OOH Playbook is a collaboration with Clear Channel, Global, JCDecaux, Mediacom and Wavemaker.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch with your Kinetic contact.