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5G in the house

The launch of 5G is one of the biggest launches in the connectivity landscape this generation, the 5G connectivity stretches beyond that of just a mobile phone contract, with the ability to use the network for home broadband due to it’s speed.

Three wanted us to let the people know what was coming…


Three Mobile launched 5G Home Broadband in London and it was vital the OOH plan delivered a bold, striking and all round massive campaign befitting of the size of the 5G Home Broadband release.

The campaign needed to deliver both reach and impact to cut through, especially after the high profile 5G release of mobile telecoms competitors EE and Vodafone into the market.


The campaign’s impact was generated through Roadside and Retail large format digital formats but predominantly through the use of the Piccadilly Lights and iMax formats, two of the biggest and most iconic out of home advertising placements available to brands.

Three also dominated the roadside environment with wrapped London buses and finally will be in the Underground environment with the Oxford Circus 360 Wrap.

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