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Helping London Move More Freely

Black cab app mytaxi launched in the UK in 2017 with a huge competitor in the form of Uber. Growing new passenger numbers would require some clever thinking by Kinetic, to help London move more freely.

Expectations around Uber’s lower price point means that surge-pricing is one of its most disliked features, while mytaxi’s pricing doesn’t surge. This key difference presented our best opportunity: use mytaxi’s local knowledge and data to target customers when they were most in need of a ride, and when Uber was at its biggest disadvantage.


We needed to increase mytaxi’s on-street presence: raising awareness of the app and capitalising on weather and traffic to trigger a download or a taxi request.

We targeted sites in the most relevant locations, ingesting a range of data sources to fuel the dynamic copy. In a key industry first, we worked in close partnership with mytaxi’s own development team to plug into their live data platform, then connect further sources to act as triggers for creative executions.


In a tech and data first, we combined first and third-party data to create an algorithm that let us predict when Uber’s pricing was likely to surge.

When the algorithm indicated Uber was likely to be surging in an area, we activated real-world ad-serving on DOOH in that location. We mirrored the experience of the mytaxi app on DOOH screens, with live nearby taxi availability plotted and updated every minute on “you are here” style location-specific maps.

“Our launch campaign successfully combined smart data and the supreme local knowledge of a black cabbie to get London moving freely… we have successfully taken mytaxi to become a real challenger in the London taxi market.”

Felix Meston, Senior Marketing Manager