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IT Chapter 2: It Ends

Stephen King’s famous IT has transfigured from an 80’s nightmare inducing novel, to a 21st century blockbusting horror film duology, with the latter due to be released on Friday 6th September 2019.

Warner Bros. needed to aim to match the surprise success of the original by generating mass awareness and feeding the hype as to Pennywise’s return.


We created a targeted broadcast campaign reaching our key audience of 15-34, and in doing so, we utilised a mixture of client box office data and Route data to ensure we had the most effective format choices and distribution.

This meant a mixture of cover driving Roadside, LU and Bus formats to drive awareness with impactful sites such as the Cromination adding a blockbuster “WOW” factor.


We also premiered a ‘first of its kind’ special build to the 6-sheet format, an LED back light, booked through Kinetic Active.

The build created an eerie atmosphere for fans walking past, conjuring an ‘out from the shadows’ white glove and balloons fade-in creative, followed by a surging brand logo for added thrill, made possible with assistance from Hive Associates.