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Aperol Spritz Sundial Social

Following the immense success of the Aperol Spritz Sundial Social in 2017, the Campari team wanted to once again invite Londoners for a taste of Venetian culture, whilst relaxing alongside the River Thames.

Aperol and Kinetic presented a sundial billboard and experiential bar in the heart of London, together alerting Londoners that ‘Aperitivo time’ had begun. With the help of Kinetic Active, the objective of the campaign swiftly moved from a sundial billboard to a first-of-its-kind sundial experiential activity, to embody an “Italian sociability” atmosphere.


Aperol wanted to invite their guests to learn how to create the perfect 3-2-1 Aperol Spritz serve, to help introduce and educate guests on the symbolic Italian drink.

The Aperol Spritz Sundial returned at Queen’s Stone and the Jetty in 2018. This five-day immersive sampling experience offered guests a perfectly balanced Aperol Spritz serve –completely free of charge –when the sundial strikes ‘Aperitivo hour’ at 5pm. A branded van  drove around Southbank and Embankment between 3pm -8pm, promoting the event and handed out branded sunglasses at high footfall locations.


The campaign echoed Aperol’s now-iconic orange throughout the event – with furniture, accessories, drinks and imagery.

Deck chairs were temptingly placed in the bar for Londoners looking to chill out, table-tennis for those wanting to enjoy games in the sun and bean bags for those individuals looking to have a lazy half hour. As well as this, there were Aperol branded sunglasses, blankets and Vespa’s – all of which the public made the most out of on social media.

free-of-charge Aperol Spritz served
guests attended the social on the Saturday
guests had never tried Aperol Spritz
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