Lyons Tea - Kinetic IE

Lyons Tea wanted to raise awareness of their personalised mug giveway and drive consumers in-store to purchase a promotional pack.

Out of Home was the perfect medium to surprise and delight consumers. A classic OOH campaign raised awareness of the competition while an interactive DOOH element brought a fun element.


Helping tea lovers to get their cup of Lyons Tea just the way they like it, two interactive Digital Out of Home specials ran. Branded floor graphics in front of the digital units enticed consumers to interact with the screens. Consumers then answered a series of questions relating to how they like their tea brewed and served.

Finally, their own personalised mug was created on-screen and by sharing it on consumers could win a €100 gift voucher along with their personalised mug.


Lyons Tea took over two digital Out of Home units strategically located in Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre and Jervis Street, Dublin. This allowed consumers to interact with the specials and then head to the supermarket located within the shopping centre to purchase the promotional pack.


The campaign ran from 10th to 23rd September, perfect tea-drinking weather.  The closing date for the competition is 07.01.2019.

Kinetic Insight results revealed a very strong call to action level.
46% of respondents agreed that they would be encouraged to try or buy Lyons Tea as a result of the ad.
of those who answered positively to the 'call to action' had seen the Digital Out of home Ads.
of respondents agreed with the statement that “Lyons Tea is a drink to share with friends.