About - Kinetic IE


At Kinetic, we work hard to bring forward the future of Out-of-Home communications for brands. Using intelligence, technology and creativity we help our clients communicate with valuable audiences on the move.

Our specialist service offering is the best in market and delivers excellence from the brief to the street. We are a passionate and talented team who believe in harnessing the power of digital, mobile and classic Out-Of-Home advertising to drive consumers to action.

Kinetic Ireland has been in operation since 1990 delivering innovative and efficient OOH solutions across a broad range of clients.  Our Dublin and Belfast team is driven by experience with access to sophisticated tools and services to deliver on client briefs.


Our specialist services leverage the latest technologies to deliver intelligent, creative communications for clients across the entire spectrum of Out-of-Home. This includes expertise in digital, insight, geo-targeting, mobile, interactivity and immersive creative executions.
Intelligent Communications Planning

We offer a range of planning and buying services that deliver intelligent communications planning and help brands to create a true value exchange with their audiences. 

Some of our tools include:

Locator Mapping is our cutting-edge mapping tool which enables us to build targeted and well distributed campaigns.

Classifier is our site scoring system and ensures that you achieve the best quality campaign available.

Expenditure is our suite  of competitive tracking tools detailing the OOH market expenditure by category, advertisers and brand.

We also feed insights and innovation into the planning framework to deliver stand-out campaigns.


Deep and data-informed understanding of audiences on the move
Strategic OOH campaigns that are impactful and influential on consumer behaviour
Delivering targeted campaigns reaching consumers at the right location and at the right time
Dynamic Digital DOOH – D:FOUR

Digital OOH offers the same benefits of delivering mass reach, visual impact and location targeting as classic OOH, but with the added advantages and flexibility of digital media – full motion, dynamic artwork changes, data-triggered contextual messaging, touchscreen functionality and even facial recognition.

We think all DOOH should be real-time, reactive, relevant and rewarding for consumers and have a team of digital experts spanning creative, data, strategy and delivery to ensure we maximise the impact of all our clients’ digital spend.

Sophisticated digital deployment platforms designed to deliver on any type of brief
Strategic application of contextual and audience data to ensure relevance and impact
Programmatic, audience traded access to premium digital outdoor inventory

D:FOUR is our Dynamic DOOH division and system, powered by DOOH.com,  which makes client DOOH campaigns more engaging and relevant.  We plan and manage your Dynamic DOOH across all media owners, allowing content, creative, moderation, preview and dynamic ad-serving to roll out from a centralised platform.

Some examples of dynamic,  real-time or contextual campaigns include weather- triggered, social-triggered, live feeds, reactive UV & Pollen index, to name but a few.

Kinetic Insight

Kinetic Insight is our Research Department measuring the effectiveness of OOH campaigns as well as conducting bespoke research on various OOH topics.

Our Kinetic Insight campaign research measures unprompted recall, prompted recall, liking, message delivery and call to action. As well as measuring the effectiveness of a multiformat OOH campaign, we can extract recall and call to action levels for Digital OOH.

We also conduct regular bespoke pieces as part of Kinetic Insight such as ‘The Persuasiveness of Digital OOH’, & ‘How grocery shoppers interact with OOH on the path to purchase’. All insights are fed to the Client Service team.

Informative insights into consumer behaviour on the move.
Innovative research techniques and thinking grounded in science.
Outcome-based effectiveness studies to optimise campaign planning.

We also subscribe to third party research tools such as TGI to better understand the relevant target audiences.

For more information on Kinetic Insight, please contact caroline.decourcy@kineticww.ie

Kinetic Innovation

The creative possibilities in OOH are boundless – murals that weave your brand into the fabric of a city, high-tech projections that place brands in unique locations, dynamic digital executions that harness data to deliver contextual relevance – OOH can do it all.

Our innovative and dynamic creative team, Kinetic Innovation, combine the latest tech with imagination and quality craft skills to elevate OOH briefs to unforgettable and immersive experiences – delivering standout and talkability to reach consumers in unexpected ways.

Unique and attention grabbing creative ideas
Sophisticated live digital deployment platforms
Connecting with consumers through creativity

Kinetic Innovation sits at the centre of our planning and buying departments. We seek to proactively encourage clients to implement innovation into their OOH campaigns. Kinetic Innovation encompasses digital Out of Home production, creative development, special builds, experiential, mobile activation and social engagement. We have a dedicated team who manage all stages of the innovation process working directly with third party providers and overseeing installation and removal of all specials.

Kinetic Inspector

Kinetic Inspector is our dedicated monitoring service ensuring our clients campaigns appear on-street in good condition. 

We have a team of over 40 inspectors who travel around the country each cycle capturing, on smart devices, that sites are correctly posted and displayed. This data is shared in real time with our Operations Department. Any damages are reported immediately, repair dates received and credit secured.

Dedicated team of inspectors to check all sites are correctly posted and in good condition
Reporting of damages in real-time and ensuring fast turnaround repair times
Monitoring of 100% of Kinetic campaigns
Mobile Solutions

We seek to bridge the gap between offline and online by combining OOH & mobile. OOH accounts for 22% of all search interactions generated through offline channels. (Source: Nielsen)

Working with our partners, Influent Media, we geo-fence OOH assets,  further increasing reach & frequency and target specific audiences by demographics or location. Contextual messaging by day-part, weather, behaviour etc is also possible, deepening the connection with the consumer.

We also work with other mobile providers such as Shazam and Snapchat to add Snapcodes or Shazam codes to encourage interactivity and connectivity.

Amplifying OOH messaging via mobile and social channels for greater impact
Sophisticated fusion of audience and location data to deliver multiple touchpoints for audiences on the move
Retargeting audiences when they are in a shopping frame of mind

Nearly one in five respondents (46%) claim to have utilised a search engine in response to seeing a billboard or OOH message during the last six months (Source: Nielsen).

Those who see an Outdoor advertising campaign are 17% more likely to engage with the brand on their mobile. (Source: Outstmart).