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Kinetic Ireland Hosts DOOH Industry Seminar
May 21, 2018
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Kinetic Ireland, the Out of Home (OOH) media agency, today (16th May) hosted a DOOH industry seminar to demonstrate the capabilities of Digital Out of Home  and its new in-house division and system, D:FOUR. The new system is powered by an in-house content management system that allows content, creative, moderation, preview and dynamic ad-serving from a centralised platform in Kinetic’s Dublin Headquarters. Over 100 people from the media industry attended the event.

As the global leader in activating audiences on the move, this event highlights and demonstrates Kinetic’s expertise and knowledge in innovation technologies to create engaging, dynamic and effective DOOH advertising. out.

Below are the DOOH industry seminar experts that spoke at the events and key topics that were discussed:

Aoife HudsonDeputy Managing Director at Kinetic Ireland, discussed “The Digital Journey Out of Home” in Ireland
Aoife Hudson at Kinetic DOOH Industry seminarDigital OOH when used in conjunction with traditional or static Out of Home is effective. Previous studies from Kinetic demonstrate that it delivers higher recall and brand engagement.

  • Share of Digital spend is expected to grow from 15% in 2017, to 19% in 2018 and 25% in 2019.
  • New multi-environment networks will launch and expand including roadside panels and digital bridges.
  • Our attention spans are shorter so content across all media has changed and now Digital Out of Home can tailor creative accordingly.
  • Extending online strategies to Digital Out of Home can reach an additional, unique audience.
  • DOOH has entered a new era where we are not only talking about cost per panel but starting to look at impressions and cost per play – a new currency for OOH.

Rosh SinghDirector of Digital Innovation at Kinetic UK, spoke on “Digital growth in the UK”Rosh Singh at Kinetic DOOH Industry seminar

  • Digital Market in the UK encompasses 24,000 Digital Screens, has 60% reach of all adults and delivers over 1bn weekly impacts.
  • DOOH now has more in common with the internet than it does with a poster.
  • Dynamic campaigns work – increase emotional intensity by 16%, engagement by 32%, memory encoding by 17% (Source: Adshel Live) and sales uplift up to 9%.
  • Location specific copy works – town and county messages work harder than a generic message. (Source: Kinetic)
  • Data is empowering Digital OOH and should be seen as the shortcut to creativity.

Andrew Newman, Founder & CEO of and Jeremy Taylor, Head of Strategy at Both spoke about how the D:FOUR system works and the product suite. D:FOUR is powered by

Andrew Newman at Kinetic DOOH Industry seminar

  • RUSH is an innovative DOOH content management system, offering a fresh and simplified approach for rapid deployment of linear, smart and dynamic content. Designed to integrate fluidly with media owner networks, RUSH offers advertisers complete flexibility to change their ads at a moment’s notice.
  • DRIVE enables brands to alternate their roadside digital OOH ads in direct accordance to the speed of traffic past each screen – all in real-time.
  • LOCATION offers brands a simple route to context by effortlessly adapting a single file to reference the relevant region, city, town, street, retailer or individual Digital OOH screen.

Emma EverardAccount Director at Zenith Media, presented a case study from Molson Coors outlining a recent, dynamic Digital OOH campaign for Carling. Emma Everard at Kinetic DOOH Industry seminar

  • To celebrate the Premier League season, digital screens across pubs, restaurants and select retail stores featured dynamic Digital OOH content.
  • The campaign incorporated live scores from Premier League matches.
  •  The real-time updates were extracted from a live RSS feed and automatically generated up-to-date scores across the Digital Out of Home network.

Speaking after the DOOH industry seminar, Simon DurhamCEO, Kinetic Ireland said “Kinetic Ireland is delighted to host our seminar looking at the capabilities of Digital OOH and to demonstrate our system, D:FOUR with our industry peers and clients. The event provided an insight into how D:FOUR operates and how dynamic DOOH campaigns can really connect and resonate with consumers. This space is really exciting, and the possibilities when using data are endless. We’re really looking forward to creating more exciting dynamic and contextual DOOH campaigns.