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Diakonia: Real Time Donations

A simple idea that helped thousands of refugees in Germany.

Making humanitarian donations more relevant and useful by providing people with the tools to donate items that are needed in the moment, all the while raising awareness for the NGO.

Plugging in Diakonia’s server to a network of 160 live, digital panels all over Germany, dynamically displaying and updating donation needs in real time. Ads also directed passers-by to a website where they could find drop-off locations and information about volunteering. The campaign ran for one month and peaked over Easter – a holiday during which Germans are in the right mindset to give and help others.

Awareness for Diakonia increased by 78%, while donations increased by 65%, helping thousands of refugees receive exactly what they needed: food, clothing and other necessities. Recognized as a breakthrough idea by W&V, Horizont and Cannes Lions, the campaign swept top innovation awards at Cristal Festival and PlakaDiva.